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How to Create eCommerce Conversion Funnel in Tableau

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How do you convert your site visitors into customers? If you have an eCommerce website having a high conversion rate is your top priority.

Depending on the size of your business and the kinds of products you offer, you have to create an easy journey for customers to complete a transaction. One way of improving it is by creating  an eCommerce conversion funnel dashboard.

Creating an eCommerce conversion funnel dashboard is your greatest tool to optimize user journey and maximize your sales.

In this guide, you’ll learn to create eCommerce conversion funnels in Tableau using Google analytics as data source. Plus, this guide will provide you tips on how to analyze and optimize user journey for higher conversion rate.

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Customer retention rate analysis using Tableau

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How do you build a long lasting relationship with your customers?  Do you track if they come back after their first purchase of your products or services? How often do they come back and do a repeat purchase?

When you run an eCommerce website, tracking your customer retention is arguably one of the most significant force in keeping your business up and running. According to recent statistics you’ll spend five times less money on customer retention and selling to an existing customer is 40% more likely than converting a new lead to your site.

reference from: crazyegg

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