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Digital Marketing tips during lockdown

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By now we are witnessing the impact of corona virus in global economy and daily lives of people. The bump is so strong it forced many businesses to suddenly shut down their physical stores and some have started to ask their employees to work from home as a way to reduce the spread.

Popular spots in big cities are now empty and office workers including front liners on CBDs are now practicing safe distancing. Internet usage surges as more people are working from home and for some to entertain themselves on their favorite programs in Netflix and YouTube until the virus goes away.

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How to customize your Multi-Channel Attribution in Google Analytics using Python

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How do you attribute your eCommerce/website conversion to your marketing channels? Given the growing number of platforms you can use to reach your customers or audiences, digital marketers must be able to clearly evaluate which marketing mix combinations work best.

This article will show how to customize your Google Analytics Multi-Channel Attribution report using Python. It provides detailed information, from extracting assisted conversion data in Google sheets to transforming final report in Python notebook.

However, before we begin let’s have a quick refresher on what is Multi-Channel Attribution and identity its use case. 

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Customer retention rate analysis using Tableau

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How do you build a long lasting relationship with your customers?  Do you track if they come back after their first purchase of your products or services? How often do they come back and do a repeat purchase?

When you run an eCommerce website, tracking your customer retention is arguably one of the most significant force in keeping your business up and running. According to recent statistics you’ll spend five times less money on customer retention and selling to an existing customer is 40% more likely than converting a new lead to your site.

reference from: crazyegg

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