Customer retention rate analysis using Tableau

How do you build a long lasting relationship with your customers?  Do you track if they come back after their first purchase of your products or services? How often do they come back and do a repeat purchase?

When you run an eCommerce website, tracking your customer retention is arguably one of the most significant force in keeping your business up and running. According to recent statistics you’ll spend five times less money on customer retention and selling to an existing customer is 40% more likely than converting a new lead to your site.

reference from: crazyegg

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eCommerce & marketing analytics dashboards that you should not miss in 2020

How much revenue did you make this week? How many leads did you generate? Are we increasing our website engagement rate? Which channel sources are driving the most traffic?

To build a successful eCommerce business it is critical to track and understand how your business is performing against your goals and KPIs. Monitoring conversion rates, new customer traffic, customer retention and channel revenue provides insights for marketing optimization to identify new opportunities and achieve expected growth. 

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SEO keyword research to upgrade your SEO strategy in 2020

Have you reviewed your SEO strategy plan for 2020? Are your strategies align with the latest Google best practices? What are your new SEO strategies to keep up with the competition, dominate the search and earn more revenue?

We all know that Google search has evolved from being just a search engine to an answer engine. These days, people rely heavily on Google search to find places, look for relevant information and in some cases complete a transaction.

Although people have found a new way to use search engines via voice search (both in mobile phones and desktops), there is no denying that keywords remains as a primary factor for search visibility.

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