Digital Marketing with Python

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. It changed how we run business, how we work, and how we do our everyday life. For most businesses, 2021 is definitely the year of transition.  

Digital Transformation has been the primary focus and investing on ways to increase online presence is no longer an option but a must. According to Shopify, in mid 2020 worldwide e-commerce sales rose to $3.5 trillion US dollars, an uplift of 18% versus 2019. It is expected to double in 2023 when online sales growth is expected on food and beverage, retail, personal care, beauty and health. 

To be successful in this new normal, organizations’ top priority is to improve digital presence by keeping their operation lean. The strategy is to find ways of doing more with less such as keeping your team small while achieving high results.

But how will you keep your digital marketing operation lean?  How will you manage your resources more efficiently and make sure they spend most of their time on what matters? 

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5 content ideas generator in 2021

It’s the year 2021 and the quote “Content is King” remains as one of the most popular phrase you will hear from every marketing expert.

If you wish to be successful in promoting your product or services on your website, YouTube videos, email marketing campaign or on any form of online advertising, having great content remains as the most effective way to capture your customers’ attention.

If you’re still at the content planning stage and are struggling for ideas, here are some of the best free content marketing ideas generators that you can use to help you formulate an effective content plan.

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3 strategies to bring back repeat visitors to your site

You have heard it time and time again. It’s significantly cheaper to get repeat visitors to your website than to acquire new ones.

Whether you are running an e-commerce website, a corporate website, or a blog site, repeat visits are superior by just about any measure.

According to statistics, for e-commerce websites, the probability of closing a sale to an existing customer is way higher at about 50% to 60% compared to a new prospect which has a probability of only 5% to 20%. You can never overstress the significant contribution of bringing in and engaging your existing customers back to your site can do to your bottomline.


So what can you do to begin your digital campaign on retaining and re-engaging your existing customer pool? Here are some strategies to help you.

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