Building a digital marketing sales funnel for B2B and B2C

One of the major components of running an online business is a digital marketing sales funnel. The purpose of a marketing sales funnel is to guide a potential customer from being aware of a product or a service, to considering it and finally making a purchase or subscribing to a service.

To achieve a high performing online conversions, a digital marketing funnel must have an easy-to-follow path that guides or nurtures the customer all the way through. Each step in the funnel should provide valuable content or incentives that will help the customer in making a decision as they progress on each step.

digital marketing and sales funnel illustration in shops

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The role of Big Data in Digital Marketing

Big data is a term that has been popularized in recent years, but it is one that has been around for decades. There are three types of data collection systems which are known as the 3 Vs of Big Data. These are Volume, Velocity and Variety.

  • Volume – refers to the level of detail in the dataset. It is the amount of data collected over time which increases over time.
  • Velocity  – refers to how quickly this data is being collected and processed.
  • Variety  – refers to the type of data being collected, that can be structured or unstructured

big data and digital marketing - analyst looking at data

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How Data, Content and SEO can help solve real business problems

Leaders are constantly battling business problems that have varying degree of impact on their bottom line. But problems involving a company’s sales and marketing is always a top priority for any business leader. 

This is because the issues have a direct impact on the company’s survivability and/or longevity. It talks about the customers and their buying behaviors.

Is the company attracting and servicing an increasing pool of customers? Are the customers purchasing, repurchasing, or returning the products?

relationship between seo and content marketing


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