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Guide to Writing Content for Your Website

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[Terkel Question] What is one tip you have for selecting topics or keywords to focus on when they plan new content for a website?

Creating content is a cornerstone of any successful digital marketing campaign so it’s vital to know how to select topics or focus keywords to optimize website content for search engines to attract new or retain customers to your website. One tip when selecting a topic or focus keyword is to know what exactly your customers are looking for in Google search. This is measured through Keyword Search Volume. A keyword search volume reveals how many times a certain keyword is searched for a defined time frame.

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Below are some of the tools that you can use for keyword or topic research:

  • Keyword Planner via signing-up for Google Ads account


  • Keywords Everywhere 

Identifying a keyword search volume helps you estimate impact on your website which is defined as web traffic and conversion rates. Of course there are other supporting variables to consider when estimating the amount of web traffic a keyword can bring. The critical variables are your website rank for your target keyword or topics and your website click through rates in search.

How to get your website rank higher in top search results for your target keyword or topic.

You have to analyze your top website competitors in search and understand their search engine optimization (SEO) On-Page strategy. On-Page strategy is when you enhance your website copies or content by naturally integrating your target keywords.  Fundamentally you can insert your keywords within the website meta title, meta description, content headings, paragraphs and image alt text and descriptions. Once keywords are integrated you have to measure the keyword density and prominence for proper optimization.

Measuring keyword density and prominence is critical as Google is now penalizing websites that excessively insert keywords within the content just to manipulate rankings in search results. You can use tools such as SEO quake, Screaming Frog and Page Optimizer Pro for measuring your on-page strategy.

Another thing to consider is the landing page Page Authority. A Page Authority is measured by the quantity and quality of third party websites linking back to your newly created page or website content. Back linking is an Off-Page strategy where you attract other websites to link back to your page.

While there are multiple ways to get backlinks to your website pages or content, the most impactful way is to create content that is Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy (EAT). All other third party websites will just naturally link to you as long as your content meets the EAT criteria.

How to get high click through rates (CTR) in Search Engine Results Pages?

While integrating your target keyword within Meta Title and Meta Description is one way of increasing clicks to align with search intent, inserting highly motivating call to actions (CTAs) will significantly help to increase clicks to your website.

For informational content or topics, you can explore inserting CTAs such as “Learn More”, “Find Out More” or “Read More” to get customers to take that action. For transactional content or topics, CTAs such as “Shop Now”, “Buy Now”, “Limited Promotions” and “Discounts” are the most highly used call to actions to get customers to click in Search Results.

In Summary, keyword or topic Search Volume is very important to consider when creating new content as it aligns to any website or campaign goals which is highly converting traffic volumes.