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5 content ideas generator in 2021

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It’s the year 2021 and the quote “Content is King” remains as one of the most popular phrase you will hear from every marketing expert.

If you wish to be successful in promoting your product or services on your website, YouTube videos, email marketing campaign or on any form of online advertising, having great content remains as the most effective way to capture your customers’ attention.

If you’re still at the content planning stage and are struggling for ideas, here are some of the best free content marketing ideas generators that you can use to help you formulate an effective content plan.

Brainstorming for content marketing

As mentioned in their website, this is not a typical keyword discovery machine. This tool generates a whole list of questions from target prospects.

Their free version is just enough to dive deeper on the most pressing topics according to your niche. All you need to do is enter your seed keywords or topics and it will generate a list of specific questions that you can use for your content planning.

Where did all these questions come from? The amazing thing about this tool is it provides you information about the source of each question. Most of it comes from Reddit, StackExhange or Quora.

You can also strip down the keywords or phrases used within the questions and plug it into other tools to further enhance your topic research.

questionsdb sample for content marketing ideas generator

This tool visualizes search questions and suggests autocomplete searches. As mentioned in their website, it provides search insights directly from the minds of your customers.

With this kind of intel you can create fresh and relevant content for your customers, the kind of content they REALLY want.

Just enter a keyword or topic, select your target country and language and this tool will uncover hidden treasures and unexpected insights.

answerthepublic sample for content marketing ideas generator

answerthepublic sample for content marketing ideas generator bottom analysis

This is a content curator tool that helps you bring together all your competitors or similar niche websites in one single place.

It keeps you up-to-date with what’s going on, news and evolution in your niche or industry. You can either add this tool as a plugin in Google Chrome browser or just use their web version.

This tool helps to create more content ideas based on your competitor or similar niche website article titles.

usepanda sample for content marketing ideas generator top 3

usepanda sample for content marketing ideas generator more samples for

People Also Ask (PAA) search feature in Google search

With all of the search engine results variety e.g Review Stars, Rich Answers, Knowledge Graph, List Snippets etc. PAA is the one that provides the opportunity to get ahead of the content competition.

This SERP feature contains sets of questions related to the original search keyword or query entered in Google search.

Once a question is clicked, it expands and displays a snippet that briefly answers a question.

These set of questions came directly from your customers that you can use to develop informational content.

PAA or People also ask sample for content marketing ideas generator top 3

Keyword Surfer

Another arsenal for SEO. This is a free extension that allows you to see the popularity of search phrases or keywords based on search volume.

As stated in their website, this tool can quickly reveals search data, performs your keyword research and gets content guidelines directly from Google search.

It displays a comprehensive keyword list and their search volumes, CPC and visibility metrics. It also provides other keyword suggestions and related search terms for further keyword exploration.

If you want to kick off your SEO without spending too much money on research and SEO tools, Keyword Surfer is the place to start.

keyword surfer sample for content marketing ideas generator plugin