3 Ways Big Data is influencing Digital Marketing

It goes without saying that Big Data has a significant influence the way digital marketing companies operate business. Big data is made possible by the latest methodologies and set of tools capable of collecting, storing and processing high volume of information in soaring velocity.

With big data, digital marketing companies or departments continue to move in an environment where – business and marketing decisions are made based on data analytics, employee upskilling is compulsory and strong team collaboration is favorably advocated.

In my 10 years experience working in digital and online marketing, here are some ways how big data has made impact in digital marketing operations.

Data driven strategies

Companies can start by identifying, combining and managing multiple sources of data. Examples of digital marketing data sources are from Google Analytics, CRM systems, Saleforce, Salesforce Marketing cloud, Adwords, Facebook analytics, Social Media listening tools and many more.

To aggregate datasets and perform data analysis I use Python, an apt choice for Big Data. Python is much faster and extremely easy to handle than any other programming language. You can use libraries such as NumPy, Scipy, Pandas and Matplotlib to name a few, to perform data transformation, trend analysis, numerical analysis and statistical analysis.

Big Data analysis is used to improve customer acquisition, retention, innovate new campaigns, uncover new markets, improving customer experience and forecasting.

Team collaboration

big data and digital marketing - team collaboration

Big Data allows frequent data collaboration from different parties. Example for digital marketing, it breaks silos between acquisition channels such as SEO, Performance Media, EDM, Social Media and Partnerships. It creates convergence by allowing these channels to share access to their data, and provides deeper insights and a more holistic view of the campaign.

Working as a digital analyst in the past 10+ years, to break silos, I usually start with engaging each channel/team, make them understand how channels are complimenting each other to form a conversion or sale.

To help visualize the impact, I create dashboards that aggregates all their data in one view. Single view dashboard exhibits shared vision and collaboration, an atmosphere of transparency and most importantly make the best team decision at the right moment.

Develop employee skills

One approach to develop employee skills is putting them in a formal specialized training, this way they can develop new skills. Another way is allowing them to experience new job functions.

By sending your employees to Big Data or Data Analytics training, they develop analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, knowledge of different algorithms, application of statistical methods, data manipulation, management and many more.

This experience helps them acquire big data or data analytics skills. The impact of these new skills transform your department or your company’s overall capabilities.

As more and more companies learns the core skills of big data they are building superior capabilities that becomes a competitive asset of their company.