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Keeping your team motivated, remotely

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Employees, the company’s most valuable asset. They are the major contributor to growth, profits and worth of the organization. In this new normal, most businesses moved their employees to telecommuting positions to keep them safe from the pandemic. This is also their way of demonstrating confidence and appreciation for their workforce. However, there are still companies that struggle with employee retention.

Some of the top reasons why your employees still consider to move despite uncertainty of finding a new job are the following.

Longer working hours

longer working hours

While we focus on taking care of our physical health from this outbreak by working from home, some employees experienced longer working hours with little breaks and social isolation. In average, employees spend about an extra two to three hours working everyday. They find it difficult to draw a line between work and home. This can lead to stress, loneliness and depression.

Trust issues between managers and employees

trust issues with managers

Some employees felt that their managers focus on hours rather than output during this work from home arrangement. Some experienced constant evaluation of their daily work and frequent checking. This led to trust issues and low employee morale.

They felt less engaged and connected

less connection

Although working from home has benefits, like saving time and money on daily commutes and more time to spend with their family, for some, they felt less engaged and connected to their company. This kind of team isolation can hurt employee productivity and performance.

So what are the strategies to manage these problems? How can companies help their employees feel valued while working from home?

Recognition programs

Companies can develop recognition programs based on output and positive attitude of employees. Employees who feel appreciated because of their hard work and attitude perform better and motivated to do their best at work.

Creative employee perks

One of the signs of a great company to work for during this COVID19 situation is the quality of wellness programs for their employees. Wellness programs are proven to increase employee engagement rate by over 40%. Programs such as yoga classes or providing discounts on gym memberships are the most common.

Another way is to creatively use wearable and mobile apps to keep engaging your staff. Providers such as have developed a personalized wellness solution that offers a variety of gamified challenges, rewards, recognition and other telehealth services to keep your employees active, socially engaged as well as protect their well being. It is also a data and insights platform that helps you understand employee performance and assess health risk. The level of insights offered by Wellteq can immediately provide actions you need to take care of your employees mental and physical well being